We are found in various types of employment, living alone or with others throughout the United States, Australia, and Brazil. Each of us is unique and individual, yet bound to one another by a common vocation and love as Charitists. We are single, married, celibate, or in committed relationships; men and women from a variety of Christian denominations. We strive to follow the all-inclusive love of Christ, embracing all, regardless of gender, race, color, creed, age, national/ethnic origin, physical challenges, or sexual orientation. We celebrate our diversity and support one another.  

As an Order, we pledge to look for accommodations for inclusivity rather than impediments for exclusivity. We believe that the flexibility of our Order enables a person to find the right mixture of support to live such a religious vocation, while continuing their witness to the Gospel in daily life and employment. We are convinced that the Order is a vital model of religious life for the future.