Our Order strives to blend the best of ancient/traditional and contemporary forms of religious life.  We see ourselves as a part of New Monasticism. We do not strive for uniformity, but rather for unity, by stressing principles that create a solid foundation of living religious life, rather than handing down rules and requirements that regulate it. Each Companion is encouraged to interpret his/her own vision of their religious vocation in the light of The Founding Document.

The Order is Christian and ecumenical, and though not affiliated with any denomination, it stands in the catholic tradition of religious communities throughout the centuries. Our personal understanding and relationship with Jesus the Christ is thus nourished in community, as well as celebrated in the denomination of each Companion’s choice.

We are convinced that religious life is changing, and that religious communities will be inclusive as never before, focusing on the foundations of their past: Prayer, Community, Spirituality, Ministry and Mission. We are each self-supporting, but also contribute a monthly Community Support Contribution to the Order to finance basic operational costs.