Brother Mark professed his first vows on May 14th, 1998 during the Order's Days of Renewal. He is a registered nurse and works in a community mental health clinic with the seriously mentally ill. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, Brother Mark studied for the priesthood with the Franciscans in New York and Guadalajara, Mexico. He has since become active in the Independent Catholic Movement and was ordained to the priesthood in the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch.

In 2002, Brother Mark was ordained to the episcopacy and in April of 2009 he was elected as the Presiding Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch. Brother is a Reiki Master-Teacher and has a special interest in the ministry of healing. Because of his interest in this subject, he was commissioned for healing. Brother Mark lives at Sophia House in Phoenix and is the Order’s Treasurer.