Brother Charles is from Midland, Texas, the land of wide open sky. Throughout his life, he has felt the call to share the love of God with all, no matter who they are or where they have been. Brother Charles has had quite a colorful journey, including having been a member of a Roman Catholic religious order where he was able to minister in many places around the U.S. as well as in Mexico, Bolivia and Zambia. Brother Charles was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest on 22 May 2010.  Very much in love with God, and serving in faith, after much discernment, he felt a call to step away from the Roman Catholic Church.  After continued discernment, he found a home in the Episcopal Church where he was received and is serving as Vicar at San Miguel Arcángel Episcopal Church in Odessa, TX.  . 

Recognizing that God calls in many ways, Brother Charles chose to pursue joining the Ecumenical Order of Charity where he is a vowed member and has chosen to take on a name based on three inspirational holy people along his spiritual journey. These three are: St. John of the Cross, Sor. Juana Ines de la Cruz, and Blessed Charles de Foucauld. Wanting to honor and celebrate the lives of these three people, Brother Charles has taken on the name Bro. Charles of the Cross.  He recognizes that God's love is at work in all of us and wants to celebrate the immense love of God with everyone he meets.  He also reminds people on a regular basis that you are beautiful and you are loved. As a part of the Order of Charity, he has also dedicated his home as a place of prayer and charity, placing it under the patronage of Sacred Heart of Jesus.  His home is called George Herbert House.