Brother Phillip professed his first vows in 2017. Though devoutly ecumenical, Brother Phillip is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and works towards spreading the progressive Christian voice. He has led weekly guided meditations, facilitated small spiritual journey groups, guided retreats, and has been a member of his home congregation's church council and choir. He also is a huge advocate for volunteerism - donating his own time to tutoring, service to those in need, and to social justice advocacy. Brother Phillip has degrees in Theology and Philosophy from Elmhurst College and a Masters of Art in Teaching from Rockford University. He has taught third graders for several years and is currently a candidate for ordained ministry in his denomination, studying for an M.Div. at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He currently serves as Vicar at a parish in the suburbs of Chicago. Brother also has a prayer bead ministry - making prayer beads and giving them away to people.

He loves to laugh, read, journal, serve others, play piano or the cedar flute, be outdoors, swim, canoe, hang out with loved ones, and try new pizza places. Brother lives with his husband and their Australian Shepherd. Since "ministry of the moment" is such a huge value to the Charitist, a saying that continues to encourage Brother Phillip in his vocation is: "Charity starts at home".